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Our Story

It all started with her passion of catering to the needs of clients, residents, and, of course, their furry loved ones.

While pursing a passion for the love of animals and providing an exceptional client experience, D is for DOG evolved. A gal from Green Bay, Wisconsin, who grew up always having a family dog and of course, a house cat, was recruited to South Florida 24 years ago to start a new career in multi-family property management. Throughout the years she has exceeded the expectations of both her residents and the owners with her attention to details and her compassion for both her two legged and four legged residents.  Over the past few years she has realized that the unconditional love that the animals provide far out weighs any material reward she has received over her career.  It all started with catering to the needs of the residents and of course, their furry loved ones.  From hosting Happy/Yappy Hours, providing an exceptional dog treat bar, assisting with dog walkers, and accommodating their needs with an on site Dog Wash facility, she found her passion.  She enjoys the opportunity to elevate and deliver an exceptional client experience.  Her customer service,

attention to detail and passion of a luxury experience is what she thrives on.

Thus, D is for DOG was incorporated and designed to provide a necessary service and a fabulous boutique in this amazing downtown urban setting that she now calls home.

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